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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Ed Peters

Well, that's fine. She can follow her conscience. And the archbishop can follow his.

Josh Miller

Sadly, those who "believe this to [their] very core" betray themselves: their position is based upon emotion and sentiment rather than a firm understanding of what the priesthood really is. If their argument is built upon any intellectual framework at all, it's in the notion that the priesthood is some kind of power structure, which happens to exclude women on the basis of some sort of archaic misogyny. Which is, of course, absurd and archaic thought, a variety that will whither with the children of the 60's.

I'll pray for Sr. Louise. In the end, I recommend that all who are stuck in this ridiculous "fairness" ethos check out Sr. Sara Butler's book, "The Catholic Priesthood and Women: A Guide to the Teaching of the Church." It has a conclusion completely the opposite of what she set out to write.


And so it came to pass. AP has reported that the Archbishop has now removed the name of Sr. Louise Akers from its list of those approved for teaching at parishes and institutions directly under the authority of the Cincinnati Archdiocese.

Gail F

This is my diocese. I really don't understand why this is news... except that our archbishop rarely does anything like this. But in general, how is this a surprise? A bishop telling a dissident she is not allowed to teach in the diocese -- that should be par for the course. Sr. Louise is spinning this as if she has been silenced (she hasn't) or thrown in jail. It was the top story of at lease one of the evening news programs, and is on the front page of our daily paper. If you think the Archbishop did the right thing, let him know! I'm sure he could use some positive feedback.

T. Shaw

Schismatic and heretical, (I bet) pro-abortion and post-christian . . .

It's all about ME! ME!! ME!!!

GailF is right. If folks think that the Archbishop did the right thing, as I do, we would do well to offer our support
and show our appreciation. I e-mailed a brief note of thanks to +Pilarczyk -- the e-mail address can be found at the Archdiocesan website.

The recent resignations in the Scranton diocese convinced me that I should show my support for bishops and priests
that defend the Church and take flak for it. If we had expressed our support for Bishop Martino, we might still have
him fighting for orthodoxy in that diocese.

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