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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Jim B.

Does anyone else feel that we're fighting a losing battle here, in respect to the society in which we live? Not simply with respect to the health care initiative in the government at the moment, but in society and the nation at large. The basic respect for a virtuous life and the dignity of every single human being has been so utterly lost on even the best of those in power that it feels like fighting the health care initiative is like trying to put a tenth of a dam up in a river that is already flooding over.

How can our leaders possibly understand subsidiarity and the value of human life when they are active proponents of killing innocent children? Truly, we have become more sick of soul, sick unto death, than any nation in history I can think of. We are appalled by the crimes some states have committed in history, but the crimes of our country are so seductively hidden that we don't even recognize how far we've sunk. We are numb to our own illness --- Millions are dead; revolutions have begun over less than what we allow our government to do to us.

The mere thought of the magnitude of change that would be required to turn this nation around with the government as it is now, in even the slightest degree, is almost enough to drive someone to despair if they didn't have faith.

Where does one even begin to make an impact?

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