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Monday, August 24, 2009


Dim Bulb

Where does the Encyclical approve of a politician spending money like a drunken sailor in a whore house?

Dan Deeny

Our president is dissimulating. If Cecile Richards thinks abortion rights are in the health care bill, and is worried about those who oppose it for that reason, then we can assume that the health care bill includes abortion rights. Bill Donohue has a good article somewhere on this topic.

Christine the Soccer Mom

Don't forget that the White House has also filed a brief with the Supreme Court that states that DOMA ought to be overturned/repealed.

I linked to it here:

Catholic Femina

The misreading of this encyclical has been evident from all levels of the Church. Universal health care is not the answer... I don't want a government responsible for the death of so many babies providing my health care!


It really is scary how easy it has become to change definitions of words to such an extent that claims that Obama is in line with anything Catholic is believable (of course he is no). Any similiarity is only a semantic coincidence.
Read George Orwell's essay on language and Politics.
Thanks for all you do Carl.

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