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Friday, August 14, 2009



I have heard it said that St Maximilian Kolbe was anti-semitic. Is there any truth in this claim?


On this special day, I am proud that I chose St. Maximilian Kolbe as my patron saint when I entered the Church in 1991.
Like the man whose place he took in the starvation bunker, I will also spend the rest of my life telling the story of this holy priest.

Brian J. Schuettler

Thank you, Carl, for this excellent introduction by Dr. Martin to Saint Max. I took the liberty of putting the info on my blog.

Carl E. Olson

Dr. Martin's book is excellent. For $5.00, it's a "buy it right now!" kind of deal.

Carl E. Olson

Norah: I think the short answer is, "No, he was not anti-Semitic." Here is a helpful piece that provides some important background and context.

Dr John James

Kolbe is just amazing, just extraordinary. I've read that the SS officers could not look him in the eye when they would come to check on the progress of the group, including Kolbe.
Maybe that is what happens, in a sense, at the final judgement. Some will not want to look Jesus in the eye.
And what a privelege to die with Kolbe. Don't misunderstand me, I'd be as frightened as anyone but, if death is coming, to have a saint help you to prepare is a great blessing.

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