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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Blake Helgoth

How is it that you missed the fact that the Dominicans follow the rule of St. Augustine and read it in community at least once a week?


I read somewhere quite a few years about about a passage as follows "love God and do as you like" because if you really love the Lord you will think twice about doing something displeasing to Him. Was his quote from St. Augustine or St. Paul.


Anyone approaching Scripture from truly "charitable" motives and intentions, needs to have a "pure heart," so that one does not love other "things" but only the Holy Trinity. They also need a "good conscience" lest a bad conscience lead to anxiety, guilt and despair, and so alter one's mental state that they seriously misconstrue the Sacred Texts.

One wonders how many heresies and "scripturally based" tangents have arisen for this very reason. It is human nature to justify ourselves rather than confess our guilt, and if we can do it from Scripture and convince ourselves thoroughly enough, we can then become at very least a dissident, and at worst a schismatic or heretic.

Like many others, I have often thought, considering his early struggles with guilt and perhaps scrupulosity, and his actions much later, that this was at the core of Luther's rebellion. By force of his own momentum it became Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura but I think by his own writings and admissions it all started much as St. Augustine points out.

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