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Monday, August 24, 2009


Rich Leonardi

'Plugged this new edition during my segment this morning on the Son Rise Morning Show. It aired during the 7 am "national hour" on EWTN Radio, which might help boost sales.

Carl E. Olson

Thanks, Rich!

Blake Helgoth

When I was a young theology student at Steubenville and working on the thesis comparing the liturgy of St. Justin to the liturgy of Pius V and then Vatican II, I thought the direction the priest faced was of little significance. Music, Latin, decorum, etc. held far more weight. Then, a priest friend came to the old convent, which now housed pre-theologate students, and celebrated Mass in the chapel for us. We moved the altar and he celebrated ad orientem. The slight change really emphasized the sacraficial nature of the Mass as well as the fact that the priest was offering the sacrifice on our behalf. It was clear that he was interceding for us. No longer was this an abstract notion that one had to call to mind, but was symbolized by the liturgy itself. I now believe that this is the single most important change that can be made in our celebration of the liturgy.

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