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Friday, August 21, 2009


Sandra Miesel

My copy, aflutter with sticky tags, will likewise be preserved for the ages.

Ed Peters

You know, cruising Ann Arbor's used book stores recently, we've notice stacks of DB's novels not just on shelves inside, but even more on the carts out front, you know, where all the crummy 5-books-for-a-dollar titles go. We've all commented on it.


I was given my copy of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" as a Christmas gift from my actively Catholic sister-in-law. Knowing her frugal ways, I am certain she picked it up on one of the bargain book tables.


If one has a fireplace, I would imagine that the rolled up pages would work well for igniting the kindling. Only a suggestion.


About a year ago, my parish held a used book sale as a fundraiser for the school. There must have been five or six copies of DVC, all for about 50 cents. At that price, I bought them all just so nobody else would.

I tried to read it to see if I could play "spot the error" but honestly I couldn't get more than ten or twenty pages in. It's probably my personal taste but the writing style just irritated me to no end.

In any case, shredded paperback books do make nicely absorbent rabbit litter.

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