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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Fr. Andrew

I'm so happy you have Deacon Keating writing for Ignaitus Insight. I've studied under him at IPF workshops and he speaks and writes powerfully.


What an insightful article. "Continuous struggle is not God's will for men. Neither is resting in artificial consolation." How true.

There are times when I think that too many ministries have almost nothing to say to people whose natural desires for sex, marriage, and children will never be fulfilled. In my profession I routinely come into contact with such persons: paraplegics, quadriplegics, and mentally disabled people. And what about the homosexual or lesbian trying to remain chaste or the unfortunate lifelong singles for whom marriage just never arrives?

Too many ministries, I think, are embarrassed by such people- it is a difficult thing to minister to people whose deepest and strongest desires would always be unmet. Every church seems to have programs on dating, marriage and raising children - but for the lonely there's . . . well, nothing.

Thanks for posting this article, Carl. Although it was not specifically about the issues I spoke about here it can be quite useful as a word of encouragement and advice.


I'm not a seminarian, but am a single Catholic man who has remained a virgin but who struggles with chastity, and this article was a blessing to me...

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