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Monday, August 31, 2009


Ed Peters

Fine essay, Mark.

MB does not identify his canon lawyer friend, but I must say, he sounds like a very careful thinker who knows and explains what the law actually says. In short, my kind of guy (assuming it's a guy, of course, maybe it's a lady canon lawyer). Doubtless, such an approach lands him or her in all sorts of trouble with various factions for, as I remember a wag once putting it during Watergate, "The fastest way to get into hot water these is to simply point out what the Constitution actually says." I've experienced myself that when pointing out what the Code actually says on certain matters. Oh well. ;)

If I had been the canonist the MB referenced above, I would have offered two small quibbles: (1) I don't think TK's letter qualified as a "sign of repentance", per my comments at But I could be wrong about that one; and (2) Reports are that a priest was summoned to TK's bedside and seen by him, and that's "code" (no pun intended) for making a final confession, etc. In other words, reports indicate something more than just talking to priests in last days, and to that extent, that is distinguishable from Teddy's penchant for using clerics as tall acolytes at Hyannis functions. fwiw.

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