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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ed Peters

Just MHO, but I'd like the Recent Comments box located MUCH higher. If I am following a discussion, I'd like to be able to see quickly whether anyone has posted on X subject recently.

I mean, all those ads, man, it's like, too much, man, too, too. :)

Ed Peters

Wow, that was quick.

While this slot's paying off, I'll also add that I think people who post witty comments should get a bonus in the high-4 low-5 dollar figure range. You can start a pilot program with me, if you'd like.

Tara Anderson

Carl, thanks for giving Lijit a try and for installing our wijit on your blog. We appreciate the support.

If you (or any of your readers) have questions about Lijit, feel free to send them my way. I'm happy to help. Send questions to tara [at] lijit [dot] com.

Paul H

Nice search feature. Thanks for adding that.

A longer list of recent posts would be helpful too, though there's not as much need now that the search box has been added.

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