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Wednesday, August 26, 2009



"whenever a pilgrim wanders off the track and away from the group, he runs the risk of getting hurt or lost, and in so doing, impedes the pilgrimage, and diminishes the peace and joy of his fellow travelers."

Good grief. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PRIESTHOOD! Weakland did not simply stumble; he disgraced his office by homosexual affairs and embezzlement. If this is the eulogy he gets, we really are bad off. Who cares hoe pleasant he was at tea time. Or benevolent to poor people as a bishop in the Church? Yes, Goid shall judge. We should be allowed to forget a disgrace.


I agree. Weakland is a disgrace. It is incomprehensible why he is still given an office in which to write, permission to refer to himself as "Archbishop Emeritus", and living accommodations. What on earth does it take to make the USCCB mad enough to DO something? Other than being Mother Angelica, loyalty to the Pope and the Magisterium, and/or founding EWTN, that is.

Xenon HID

Good information.
In short, like many dissidents in the Church, throughout his life Archbishop Weakland benefited generously from the support of the institutional Church, but never hesitated to criticize the Church whenever it served his own purposes to do so.

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