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Sunday, July 12, 2009


R.M. Lender

Hello Carl,

A fine dissection. Well said.

Yours is the first response to Kennedy-Townsend's essay in St. Blog's but I'm sure it won't be the last. Hildebrand's diagnosis was accurate: An "immanentist apostasy." For Kennedy-Townsend, belief is founded strictly on the experiential - the experience of a certain slice of the Catholic population of the wealthiest first world society. Thus all the constant references to surveys and polls - apparently the only magisterium she recognizes.

The Magisterium of the Self.

Ed Peters

"The Devastated Vineyard"

And that would be, what, I suppose, Martha's?

Timothy S.

If the Magisterium stops preaching the truth handed on to them from the Lord (you know: The way, the truth, and the life) then the stuff she likes that also happens to be right such as justice and peace can no longer preached because it has no foundation. The problem is that she wants to chastise not the judges or authors as she presumes but the messengers of God's truth (God's truth, you know, the God-man who humbled Himself and came to earth, became man through the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of a humble virgin who was totally submissive to the Lord who, as it so happened, sent His messenger to ask her first and she conformed her will to God's not the other way around). Because these men (she points out in the Newsweek article that they are people "with male sex organs" not men, I assume that is because we are all just people and sex has nothing to do with who we are) are not the authors of truth but rather the messengers and, truly, servants of the truth and they are not at liberty to change any part of the transmission from above without of course falling into disobedience and sin of the most extreme kind (You're free to choose which, it is a personal choice).


Excellent analysis as usual.

I don't think any believing Catholic takes anything Ms. Townshend says about the Church seriously. She has such an obvious ax to grind, the hubris jumps off the page, and she's about a hair's breadth away from founding her own church. She is free to do so and it would at least put an end to the nonsense about how all the "disagreements" are what have allowed the Church to endure for 2000 years. I mean, does she really believe that? The disagreements? Not Christ's indwelling within the Church and his promise that the gates of Hell would not prevail against her? It's almost like she need basic catechesis again, if she ever got it in the first place.

Touching the letter from Kennedy. I'm sure he is quite nervous and now flees back into the arms of our mother, looking for help, comfort, and mercy.

T. Shaw

I imagine Ms K-T (O is closer to US Catholics' beliefs than the Pope) forgot that John Lennon made a similar nonsensical comment. No Kennedy had an original thought. Something about the Beatles more popular than Christ.

Sadly, she and he are probably right. That's why (sorrowfully) few may be "saved."

But, salvation doesn't mean anything - get re-elected! Ms. K-T and all are here to make the hedonistic, materialistic world - the be all and end all - better; and if that means killing unborn babies; regularizing adultery, artificial contraception, and sanctifying sodomy; fomenting hatred for, and vilifying, hard-working private sector economic producers; etc. so be it.

Deacon John M. Bresnahan

Back in 1960 I cried tears of joy that a Catholic had finally been elected president. But my father, a Dem party activist here in Ma., knew the Kennedys well (I have photos of relatives of mine with Kennedy at his compound in Hyannisport). He said that it was the worst thing that could happen to the Catholic Church in this country because the Kennedy's only religion is themselves and their own advancement. As a result they make their own warped morals and ethics that best promotes their political and financial success.


Is there no member of this family that actually believes and defends the Faith they claim to hold?

That's not a rhetorical question, either. I'd really like to know if anyone here knows of such an individual. How about Eunice Shriver or even just one of RFK's children?

Like Prof. Kreeft said in class one day: "There are lots of Kennedy Catholics; there aren't a lot of Catholic Kennedys."



Excellent post. I would think you would make an excellent debater in an event discussing the implications of Townsend's "progressive" Catholicism.
(An event preceded by an invocation led by Obama, most likely.)

We can only pray that such views are examined in the light of magisterium inspired Church teaching. Thank you for your insight.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Carl: excellent piece of work, as usual.
Townsend shows how feeble and poor was her Catholic education, at home.
It's about time americans acknowledge how hypocritical is the Kennedy family calling themselves catholics.
Ted Kennedy alone has proven how deceptive a progressive can be calling himself or herself a catholic.

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