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Monday, July 06, 2009



I bought this movie some months ago and we have enjoyed it more than once. It is one of our favorites of the recent Catholic-related films.


Her murderer, Serenelli, was actually present in St. Peter's Square when Pius XII canonized her, along with her mother. This is the kind of story the mainstream media would never ever re-tell even though it is 100 times more newsworthy than say Michael Jackson's sad death.

Billy G

That's funny, W. The "mainstream" media (or ANY media) tells stories that their particular audience wants to hear about. Turns out that more people want to hear about the king of pop than want to hear the shop-worn story of Serenelli & Marie. Don't blame the "mainstream media". Maybe you can make it your job to alert the press!

tom layton

I am the author of "The Fifteenth Crimson Lily" about St. Maria Goretti. The Italian-made 2003 movie, MARIA GORETTI had an excellent cast, beautiful Marriconne scored music, but this movie unfortunately was poorly written and directed. The movie did not center on this Saint's life, rather that of an activist priest who was concerned with the evil landowner who dominated the farmers. There were many inconsistencies in the film from the actual story of this Saint. It was not true to her sanctity, and not true to her murderer's story, either. A film that could have been, had the cast to BE, had the musical score of impression, but the balloon popped shortly after Maria ferries the priest in a boat to his destination. A better movie could, and should have been made. You would think her native country would have done a better job!

Tom Layton


I'm just AMAZED at how prevalent is the error of referring to St. Maria Goretti as being 12 years old when she was killed. She was only 11!!! She was more than three months shy of her 12th birthday. When we know (for example) that someone was born in 1890 and died in 1902, we have to resist the impulse to assume that we can simply subtract the first year from the second. We ALWAYS have to look also at the MONTHS of birth and death, not just the years!

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