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Saturday, July 25, 2009



Happy Birthday, Abouna! Thank you for all your contributions to EWTN and the Maronite Catholic Church. May God continue to bless your work!


He led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1994 that I was blessed to be able to join. What a joy to listen to him speak at all the different sites. A wonderful priest. I hope I can meet him again sometime.

Deacon Harold

As a classmate of Carl and a student of Fr. Pacwa, I wholeheartedly echo Carl's remarks! Fr. Pacwa has been a HUGE influence in my life and my apostolate is a result of his inspiration (and the work of the Holy Spirit, of course!) Ad multos annos, Fr. Pacwa!


Happy Birthday, Father. Have a nice dinner, eat some cake, open a present or two, and then get back to work.


Happy Birthday, Father!


Marcel LeJeune

I too was blessed to have Fr. Mitch as a prof. He is a skilled teacher, a gentle soul, and an amazing priest. He also carries some heavy crosses, so please pray hard for him.

Too many stories for the combox, but I hope I get to have many more with Fr. Mitch - a spiritual father to many of us.

Ronald B. Fetty, Jr.

Happy belated birthday Fr. Pacwa. I hope God blesses you with many more. Our faith needs more like you. See you on EWTN!

Joan C. Sherman

I am sorry I am not able to know your
homilies and talks I wish I could have
your copies because I am deaf aand
there is no captioned CC on your talk
programs Only one thing I did hear
your sermon during the Mass with CC.
I like it Belated Happy Birthday
from Tacoma, Washington

Patricia Gonzalez

I have the honour of being accepted as a Facebook friend by Fr. Mitch. He is truly remarkable -- God bless him and grant him many more years as a Fisher of Men.

Peggy Donaldson

I also am an IRPS grad, '00, just learned of Father Mitch's birthday, Many, many wishes for all our Lord's blessings to you Father Mitch, may you feel our love and gratitude for your ministry to us....I enjoy hearing you say Mass on ewtn radio (KBVM in PDX), I'm concerned about your gravelly voice, hope nothing serious, we are blessed by your gifts.....Polish Peggy from Pgh, PA

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