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Thursday, July 16, 2009



This makes me pretty happy considering that I have been reading a bunch of books via Stanza and the Amazon Kindle app on my iPod Touch.

Though I must say that I am disappointed by the price which seems to me to be a little high for an eBook. I have bought a lot of books in Amazon Kindle format precisely because of the pricing. I just don't think it makes sense for eBook and regular book pricing to be that close. Though to be fair I see some books quite close to the Amazon price and one ebook is slightly more than the Kindle version of it on Amazon such as "The Philosophy Of Tolkien" and in a case like that I will support you over downloading it on Amazon instead. I really would rather download all of your titles via your site.

The page on the eBook format is fairly informative, but does not mention whether you are using DRM or not. Though glad you use a format available to the Kindle since I am sure to get the device sometime in the future.

Emilio III

I don't know about DRM on the eBooks, but the audio books are in normal mp3 files. There is a message from Fr. Fessio in the first file asking for buyers to respect the copyright, and a more standard copyright notice at the beginning of the first "data" file. I suspect the eBooks will have the equivalent notices.

My iPods suffer from chronic DRM failures, so I'm glad to know that in the Buecher Ratz playlist the encyclicals will remain when the (iTunes) Jesus of Nazareth disappears once again.

I am very happy that Ignatius Press is doing the audio books!

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