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Friday, July 10, 2009



Who was it who said, "The character of those who oppose us is the greatest thing that can be said for us?"

Sandra Miesel

I'm fairly sure by this point that the great "mystery" will involve a supposed medieval Templar visit to US territory. The image on the wax seal appears to be the severed head of John the Baptist, patron of the Templars and also revered by Freemasons. *Yawn* This is a staple of nutty-wutty "history" books. *Yawn*

Salome Bintullah

Ummm...isn't Dan Brown aware that this story has already been done? Hasn't he even heard of "National Treasure"? It's a pretty recent movie, after all, so I don't know what his excuse can possibly be, unless he's finally going to admit that his book ideas are ripped from other people's projects.

Carl E. Olson

Salome: Yes, Dan Brown is surely aware of National Treasure; it is likely a major reason his new book took so long to come out. There has long been speculation that the movie trumped a lot of what Brown's novel (initially titled The Solomon Key) was originally going to "reveal," and that he had to spend another five years "researching" for new material.

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