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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Nicholas Jagneaux

Hot Springs?

Did you go visit Tim Jones, world-famous and co-blogger at Jimmy Akin's site?

Nicholas Jagneaux


Somehow that last comment didn't come out right. Let me try again:

Hot Spring?

Did you go visit Tim Jones, world-famous Catholic artist and co-blogger with Jimmy Akin?

P.S. - The next time you come so close to Acadiana, be sure to let me know - we can catch a L'Angelus concert and eat some boiled crawfish.

Nicholas Jagneaux

Third time's a charm?

Hot Springs?

P.S.S. - While you're here, we can get together with Fr. Bryce Sibley, who is pastor just down the road from Ville Platte. My pastor, Fr. Mario Romero, is the author of the best Catholic apologetics book that I know, Unabridged Christianity.

Ville Platte, of course, is the home of Chicot State Park, where we can canoe and watch the alligators and turtles.

Okay, I quit for tonight.

Carl E. Olson

Nicholas: Sorry, it wasn't Louisiana. Both places were quite a ways from the South, actually.

Art Varga

Montana ?


Kalispell is in Montana. The 'welcome" sign looks like something from Wyoming. Where is the lighted cross in the pic of the fireworks? Hope you had a good time.

Carl E. Olson

Yep, one of the locations is in Montana. But Montana is 145,552 square miles in size, so I've left a clue as too a fairly specific place in the state.

Peter McCabe

I'm not that familiar with Montana, so I'll just say welcome back......We did miss you.



You were gone somewhere?


Guess I should pay better attention.


Spokane, WA

Carl E. Olson

Paul: Correct! Location #1 was Spokane, Washington. Location #2 was somewhere in Montana...

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