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Thursday, July 02, 2009



As a lay student of the Bible and one who teaches it on a parish level, I would LOVE to see Bibles put into the hands of every Catholic that doesn't have one. My fear based on past experience, however, is that at the local level little or no attempt would be made to follow up and instruct the faithful on the rudiments of Lectio Divino or any other Bible study based solidly on orthodox Catholic teaching and Tradition. I hate to be cynical, but if this were somehow attempted, I would hate to see it resulting in either the faithful given watered down, liberal and limp-wristed pablum in the place of solid instruction, or worse, there being given no instruction at all and the copies of Holy Writ being placed on the shelves of Catholics to be despised and gather dust.

bill bannon

The Vatican needs to research why a Newark security guard with little education and attending Holiness church in the blake ghetto will memorize more of the Bible than a Catholic priest will....let alone more than a Catholic layman will. The mystery is that we were a detailed Bible quoting Church in the persons of the Fathers and a doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas.
When Protestants after 1517 started quoting the Bible with the memorization extent of Aquinas (but not the wisdom of Aquinas), Catholics moved away from the challenge and toward catechisms whence the competition ended since now the two groups were reading two different things.


if many catholics don't even pay attention to the readings of sunday mass, how can they be expected to obtain a bible, let alone to open it?

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I think many Catholics have a bible. I would disagree with that statement. But whether they are reading it is another question. But if you do not read it whether you have ownership is a mute question. Catholics do put alot of value into the Eucharist, which is very important to the Catholic faith. If you are not Catholic you would not understand.

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