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Wednesday, June 03, 2009



"The fact that the church of my childhood adheres stringently to outmoded vestiges of patriarchal manipulation in order to scrape up what little solidarity its crumbling auspices can afford in a rapidly changing world with multiple perspectives and too many people without the luxury of pointing fingers and screaming moral law is abhorrent."

I would call that the blunderbuss argument but I have highlighted what I think is common to many of this person's mindset. They see the Church as competing in the political arena, or the pop culture arena and they really think the Church just wants to be popular, and they cannot understand why she would do and say and teach what she does and become so unpopular. They think the Church just doesn't get it, and if only they could point her in the right direction there could be a convergence of Church and culture once more.

Dan Sheehan

Carl, her bio clearly says she is co-author of "Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know." How can we argue with a woman packing credentials like that?

Francis Beckwith

Odd, isn't it, that the defenders of "multiple perspectives" are always certain that they are right about that and that anyone who disagrees is wrong. Apparently, on the matter of "multiple perspectives" there is only one right answer.




Definitely one of your best posts ever, Carl. Spot on skewering. Nicely done.

Carl E. Olson

LJ: Yes, "blunderbuss argument" is excellent. But how many people know what "blunderbuss" means? ;-)

Dan: Oh boy. If I would have known that beforehand, I would have completely despaired of matching her dazzling arguments! Ha!

Dr. Beckwith: And those defenders of multiple perspectives are so often wrong from multiple perspectives: logical, theological, historical, philosophical, anecdotal, etc.

Damien and Beefalo: Thanks!

NW Clerk

Please, please, Carl, send this to the author! If you won't do so, someone else should!


Tch! Just because HuffPo sets a barrel down in front of you and fills it to the brim with slow fat fish, and just because you happen to be carrying...


Carl, Its not a waste of time to call folks on this kind of baloney because, silly as it is, somebody needs to call baloney baloney & not steak.
For my part, I'm one of the "Right to Life Catholics" who will pray for Danielle. Methinks she doth protest too much. Because I was once in her camp, I know that the truth, under all that blunderbuss, is that she's fighting the Truth. Once she learns she can rest her head on His shoulder & be safe, she'll surrender. Anyone care to join me?


This "Catholic" is typical of Catholics who voted for pro-abortion, anti-Infant Protection Act, pro-FOCA Obama, as exemplified by my Catholic in-laws' justification for voting for him - "Well, nobody's perfect."

And, please, I love how people protest how they "love me some mass" and can't even refer to the Mass correctly (mass without capitalization refers to hard, organic matter not the celebration of the Eucharist).

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