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Sunday, June 28, 2009



Priceless, considering James Martin is a dubious friend of orthodoxy and a champion of Obama. Perhaps we should recall JPII telling Billy Graham "We are brothers." And perhaps James Martin might worry about the huge chunk of *his* brothers who ARE redicals, gays, and dissenters from basic church teaching. Or simply materialists who can feign vows of poverty since they know the order has their back covered. How any Jesuit can spin his wheels politically when it is so obvious that so many of his own churched are pagan is beyond me. And the band plays on...

Joseph Fromm

A Catholic is supposed to earn contempt for his love of Jesus found in Sacraments and the Church. When you are hated for something else it tells you a lot about who you are.

Dr John James

Ignatius, Francis Xavier, Peter Claver...those guys were and are the radicals.

Father John J. McCormack, Dio. Priest and Teacher

Frankly, I'm not sure what the Jesuit universities represent. Happily, I was educated by them through college and graduate school. I remain grateful for the Jesuit professors I had, everyone of them.
Today, I'm not sure how many are still teaching in their univsersities. They were best in their schools and in the classroom--not to be equaled in their "Jesuit tradition."
Father John J. McCormack, Dio. Priest and teacher
Kansas City-St. Joseph Missouri Diocese

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