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Wednesday, June 24, 2009



“It’s kind of funny to say your dad was a monk,” Ryan said, “because you really can’t tell at all now.”

Tragic! Did this cut his father to the bone, or is he now completely numb?

Nick Milne

If so, my guess is that Brown/Langdon will claim the Cross was invented by Eskimos living in 7th century France.

If it was, you can bet that sinister agents of the modern-day Church went back in time and put them up to it, probably at gunpoint. That's just as plausible, right? It's certainly more interesting.

Also, that Presbyterian Nun seems be the empress of cant. She should write a(nother) book. I wouldn't read it, but she should write it. Better books that nobody reads than public speeches that someone might accidentally hear or classes someone might unwittingly attend.


FYI: The Trumpet is NOT a Worldwide Church of God publication. It is published by Gerald Flurry who started a splinter cult of Armstrongism after WCG refuted ALL of Armstrong's teachings. Flurry's cult that publishes the rag is called Philadelphia Church of God. He is a sick dangerous man who is destroying countless lives with his heretical message. PCG hates everything Catholic, while WCG (who changed it's name to Grace International Communion a few months ago) has used Catholic writers and authors to help them on their journey out of the filth that is Armstrongism.


Trevor or anyone else, know of any good books or articles dealing with the theological errors of Protestant Biblical prophecy? My Methodist father is very taken with The Trumpet and has a few of Armstrong's books on his nightstand (Mystery of the Ages and The United States and Britain in Prophecy)

He is a devoted Christian but seems to be searching for something more substantial... I'm hoping this pursuit leads him to the the Church. He seems genuinely interested in Papa Benedetto and was especially impressed with the Holy Father's visit to the U.S. last year but he has his reservations about the Faith.

Particularly, he has lots of questions about Israel and the Jews. I've recently picked up Roy Schoeman's Salvation is from the Jews, and it has been an excellent read. I'm considering giving it to him after I finish.

TIA and keep up the great work Carl!

Carl E. Olson

Mikhail: My book, Will Catholics Be "Left Behind"? A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today's Prophecy Preachers (Ignatius Press, 2003), is a detailed examination (400 pages and about 700 footnotes) and critique of Fundamentalist beliefs about Biblical prophecy.

Deacon Harold

"I'm a bit befuddled as to how it is that a high profile Republican politician—the governor of South Carolina and chairman of the Republican Governors Association—thinks he can disappear for a week under strange circumstances and growing confusion, and not be found out?"

Sex is a powerful drive! Without grace infused virtue to guide it and when we yield to concupiscence, the results are disastrous.

Interesting interview with Bishop Fellay. He sounds much more congenial in person than in his writings.

BTW Carl, nice painting! Is it a self portrait? :-)


Perhaps you could publicize this: Piers Paul Read was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt yesterday. I enjoyed it. Well worth the listen. The interview lasts about 35 minutes and I think most will enjoy it too. Very comprehensive and, as I think you know, Hewitt is good at conducting interviews. Good questions and follow-ups.

Here is the link to the audio interview:

And here is the link to the post about the interview:

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