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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



In an undoubtedly ecumenical spirit he was spreading his divine benevolence around. What a guy!


The revelation that Obama was using the Trinity UCC congregation as a stepping stone was brought up last June (21st I think) in The New Yorker - the one with the controversial cover. According to the article, Obama was pointed to that church by Chicago political organizers who then felt 'thrown under the bus' by him and his new operatives. It's a great article. I believe it was the June 21st edition of The New Yorker. I tried to get a newsstand copy, but it sold out (or got recalled) very quickly.

Carl E. Olson

It was titled, "Making It", it was written by Ryan Lizza, and appeared in the July 21, 2008, edition of The New Yorker.

Daniel G. Fink

In The New Yorker article, we read at the conclusion, "Obama has always had a healthy understanding of the reaction he elicits in others, and he learned to use it to his advantage a very long time ago".
I can't dispel my sense, born from the dissenting Catholic appointments by Obama, and the use of the Notre Dame platform, etc., that the Kmiecs and Fr. Jenkins within the Church are, to use the most charitable adjective...naive.

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