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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Mark L.

Gonzaga has clearly been made better by Fr. Spitzer's presence and will certainly feel his absence. I hope and pray that the university will find a successor of his caliber. Any of Fr. Spitzer's books and/or video series are well worth your time and attention!

Mark L. (Gonzaga graduate, B.S. '82, J.D. '86)

Rodney M Jackson

I first heard Fr. Spitzer in 1986 when he was preaching at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. I've had the privilege of meeting him and getting to know him some in the years since. To say that God has gifted him with a tremendous intellect is an understatement. His answer to the call of Jesus should be a wake up call for all of us. As a Jew from a wealthy family, he took up his cross and followed Jesus to become a Catholic priest, leaving behind what certainly would have been an affluent and comfortable life. Despite his great intellect he remains a holy and humble man whom God has used to bless many. May God bless him and his work. May it bear fruit manyfold in our Church and in our Culture.

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