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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Thomas More

Overall good response to the Obama speech. But I have one quibble. The desire for a home land in Israel is not exclusively tied to oppression or mistreatment from the "West."

First, the Jews have an attachment to Israel as a homeland that I think needs no explanation. Second, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi collaborator, pushed for a speedup to the final solution and recruited an SS unit from Bosnia to help kill Jews. That same Muslim Grand Mufti then spread his ideology to his nephew Yassar Arafat and his good friend, Sadaam Hussien's uncle and guardian and to the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

So, I think it is a little misleading to imply that Muslims had nothing to do with the hostility suffered by Jews in the 20th century. Indeed, Hitler was only able to get the help and support of the Grand Mufti after he promised the Mufti that he would build a concentration camp to kill the Jews already living in Palestine.

Also, in Fr. Samir's book, he notes that Muhammad pretended to befriend the Arab Jews until he got strong enough to kill them as well as the Arab Christians. Notice that today there are no Arab Jews and a dwindling number of Arab Christians in Muslim lands. This is why Jews in the Middle East need a homeland, not because of European hostility in 1940. I support a two state solution because it would be great for Christian Palestinians to have a similar home, unfortunately that solution is unworkable so long as the future Palestine is controlled by Islamic Terrorist organizations like Hamas and Fatah.


Obama has little real understanding of the history of Islam or Christianity (as shown by his comments about the inquisition), and maybe no one really expects him to have more than that since he is just a politician. He is obviously favorably disposed to a cartoonish version of Islamic good works, probably because he spent so much of his young life in Indonesia. His comments about Islam ignore all the horrors perpetrated by its adherents and all the American lives lost trying to liberate Islamic peoples from oppression. 2012 can't come fast enough...


I have always enjoyed Fr. Samir's comments on Islam. However, when he ventures into Western politics, I often wonder if this is the same guy.

In point 3, he says, "It’s nice to hear him say that we must work so that no state has nuclear arms. Only in this way will his criticisms of Iran and North Korea have meaning. This is how he really differs from his predecessor, who condemned these countries while he claimed the right and need for the US to posses nuclear weapons."

Does he really think President Obama meant the US would get rid of its nuclear weapons? Perhaps I have misinterpreted him, but I do not think Pres. Obama meant that the US would get rid of its weaponry.

One thing many in the US (and many followers of Pres. Obama elsewhere) have realized is that Obama sometimes (often?) says one thing and does another. Many politicians do, I grant that. But Fr. Samir's analysis of US politics loses some of its strength when he interprets Obama's words as meaning something that is not very likely nor very practical: to give up nuclear weapons while there are still totalitarian and dangerous states like North Korea and Iran.

I guess my main point is that, considering the strength and criticism of his analysis on Islamic issues, I was a little surprised with Fr. Samir's take on Obama's words in relation to US politics.

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