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Saturday, June 20, 2009



Somehow, I don't think it's very manly to accept victimhood at the hands of boogey-feminists. I'm very happy to be a man and a father. I take my role seriously. I don't feel at all threatened by feminists, and certainly not by liberals. In fact, I know many men who, like me, are both liberal and feminist, and we do quite well with the expression of our masculinity and in the responsibility of fatherhood.

While acknowledging that there are always individuals who denigrate fathers because of bad experiences, it's easy enough for a man to set the tone in his own life, to give good example to his kids and his peers, and to simply move on when the occasional embittered person takes a stand. Real men need neither to punch out the bitter, nor let our lives be governed by what others think, say, or broadcast. Happy Father's Day to all, and let it be a blessed one.


I'm with Todd on this one. A real man doesn't stop being a man because someone might call him a dirty word!

Besides, I suspect our culture of pornography has done more damage to the practice of true fatherhood than have feminist slogans.

Clare Krishan

Hectoring tone not recommended to be emulated by any pastoral homilists, IMHO!

Naggy nanny is the domain of the old-fashioned paternalists, usually the Government, no?

Here's a much more sympathetic TOB take on fatherhood, from Anthony Esolen:

[ The Unquiet Men - On those who are leaving the reservation ] "You speak to the white man," says the Indian chief, his countenance scarred with age and battle. "You tell them, Big McLintock."

The catechetical work being pleaded for 13 years ago didn't get done, did it? Fathers Cutie, Maciel and Friedl have put the kabosh on that approach, so lets drop the empty moralisms shall we? Satanic Harry Potter and jeremiads against Katrina kept a good man from being installed bishop for a valid and licit reason, the flock weren't impressed that the messenger had their best interests at heart. Appearances can be very deceptive, and a whole generation that grew up with the inanities they did (contraception's ok, women priests are likely, charity is what's deducted from my paycheck as taxes) will need a purer witness to fatherhood from the Church than "do as as I say, no as I do."

"The problem is that for the method to become an experience of life, we must avoid the temptation to see it as a vision to be “applied.” This will not overcome the devastating and fruitless dualism. Instead, the method becomes life through following another to whom this has happened." Fr. Lorenzo Albacete

(my emphasis)

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