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Tuesday, June 02, 2009



Her enormous "acts of violence" number must necessarily include all the non-violent incidents like people chaining themselves to clinic entrances, super-gluing door locks, etc.-- tactics approvingly described as non-violent resistance in any liberal-approved context like keeping a tree from being chopped down.

I don't mean to minimize the real numbers of the real acts of violence-- murder, arson, etc. are completely wrong responses to abortion-- but by conflating these with acts of civil disobedience, she loses all credibility in the first sentence, before she even has a chance to unleash her dizzying intellect (!) on the rest of us...


The culture of death, the late pontiff wrote, "taken as a whole, betrays a completely individualistic concept of freedom, which ends up by becoming the freedom of 'the strong' against the weak who have no choice but to submit."

Sad to say, such a society inevitably will self-destruct. The paradigm of the freedom of the strong against the weak is age-old and history shows us the many ways that it plays out in practice politically and structurally. It is the antithesis of the freedom that most Americans still hold dear, and upon which the country was founded.

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