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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Careful and patient explanation needed for the young

The hardest thing for people with children is countering the constant message that if you don't support or approve of the gay lifestyle you are being intolerant and harshly judgemental.Young people find it very difficult and I know some Catholic teenagers who feel it is being cruel and intolerant to speak against homosexuality.It is important to explain to the young the clear distinction between recognising sin but loving the sinner and the positive alternatives the Church offers for people tempted by same sex attraction via Courage the organisation set up by Father Harvey.


If God Himself called the act of homosexuality an ABOMINATION then why are we not saying what God has said. This is a SIN and destroys the dignity of a child of God. This is a sin of lust and evil. God loves all but it is the sin that we have to condemn and offer the joy of the natural order that our Creator has given us.



How should we Catholics address two questions that I often hear:

1) Why is it not discrimination to oppose same-sex marriage rights?
2) Why should the state have any input at all in the defining of marriage or how it is recognized in society? Doesn't marriage itself precede the government's decree, and so, wouldn't it be best for the state to back out completely and let marriage be what it 'is'?

Thank you


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