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Saturday, May 09, 2009



I would go one further. For politically left/liberal Catholics it is all about politics, and they assume therefore that it must be the same for all opposition to their compromises. The distinction is that there are many Catholics who put their faith before politics and therefore are unable and unwilling to compromise with evil for the sake of politics. But for those who put left/liberal politics ahead of the faith, their political home is the home of the evil of abortion and other assorted moral advocacies that are contrary to the Catholic faith.
Are there some Catholics who put right/conservative politics ahead of the faith? Perhaps. But considering the long cultural tradition of Catholic support of the left in America the more likely situation is that Catholics who put their faith first have seen the party of the left embrace the cause of immorality and evil, abortion being the epitome of that, with enthiasm. So the party has left the Church long ago, but many Catholics have not left the party.
And they will accept any mealy-mouthed, illogical, reason twisting excuse to stay, particularly those who put politics ahead of faith. And there are those (DK) who just want to be associated with a trend, a political winner, and crossed over.

Robert Miller


I read the entire piece, and I think you really should have posted this excerpt:

"...there's not much use in pretending that Catholic legal analysis isn't opposed to abortion. Do all the casuistry you want. Bring in the sharpest canon lawyers from Marquette, and the cleverest Catholic ward-heelers from Chicago, and the slipperiest Jesuits from Georgetown. Sit them all down and show them again the tape of Mario Cuomo's 1984 speech about abortion at Notre Dame--you remember, the famous "personally opposed, but publicly supportive" speech that has provided Catholic politicians with talking points for 25 years--and let them spin the president's May 17 visit to campus as hard as they can. Still, there's something peculiar about the honoring of Barack Obama with a Catholic law degree. Couldn't they have made it a degree in sociology or something?"

This is precisely the epicentre of the scandal: Not only is ND "honoring" the President with a podium; not only is it "honoring" him with a degree; not only is it defying the local ordinary and all of the bishops of the United States -- it is conferring a law degree "honoris causa" on a man who, as a constitutional lawyer and politician, has taught, written, advocated and acted as if the civil law can trump natural law.

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