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Thursday, May 07, 2009



"Every round of applause will be a repudiation of their condemnations."

Really? So everyone of us who has condemned Hitler must be proven wrong in his condemnation because of the applause he received ( -- or any evil leader for that matter. I am by no means comparing President Obama to the Fmr. Führer of Germany, but the point is that you cannot judge the virtue, value, or sincerity of anyone purely by the reception of a select few, or even by the reception of the masses. It's just ridiculous in any legitimate or illegitimate stretch of the imagination.


You are right Stohn. Christians died in the Roman Coliseum to thunderous applause.

As to Der Fuhrer, you are not that far wrong. Despite much recent public misinformation about the actual structure of fascism (it has been mis-identified as right-wing), the cosy relationship between Jeff Immelt's empire, including the media arm and the no-bid contract to violate the 4th Amendment with the health care records of every American, and the Obama administration, is beginning to look a lot like either fascism or good old Chicago pay-to-play.


I want to end world hunger. Does that make me the greatest humanitarian that ever lived? Dr. Reese's logic seems to suggest as much...

Charlie B

In a previous column, Reese also defended Notre Dame's invitation, and listed 5 reasons. Rather than repeat those, I will let my wife's response to his points, numbered below, speak for themselves (she being way smarter than I):

"Let's change the language a bit and see if this sounds better...

1. In his personal life, Obama has never acted in defiance of the fundamental moral principle that slavery is wrong.
2. Publicly, Obama has never spoken out against the fundamental moral principle that slavery is wrong.
3. He supports legal restrictions on slavery with a health-of-the-owner exemption.
4. Although he does not believe that slavery can be made illegal, he supports programs to reduce the number of slaves.
5. Notre Dame is not honoring Obama because of his views on slave ownership but because he is President of the United States, as has been made clear by the Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame's president.

Number 5 is the only one which possibly makes any sense!

Random thought: Interesting that JPII describes slavery as 'intrinsically evil' (Veritas Splendor)."

Great job, honey!

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