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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Joseph Fromm

I have friend who is a member of Regnum Christi. He says that 100 new Legion of Christ priests will be ordained in Rome is coming year, that is up from the 50 or so last year.




Hi, I was a Legionary, I was also a recruiter for the Legionary, From Personal experience I can say that the number of ordained priests is not a mark of the strenght of the Legion, As new priests are ordained about 40% are leaving the Legion. The Legion was founded in 1941, however there are nearly no priests from the 40's, and very few from 50's, from 60's about 30% of priests remain. The legion is a expert at covering numbers and bulking up the ranks, however this only leads to others joining to fill the ranks of those leaving. There is a website of ex legionaries and there is over a 1000 members (most exmembers from 1980 onwards. )

They do a lot of good work, and there are a lot of good men in the Legion. But just because their seem to ordain a lot of priests does not mean they are an organisation to be admired. As the habit does not make a monk, the same can be said the numbers don't make a congregation proposer.

Annuario freak

Ordinations this year:
- Probably there will be about 60 ordinations this year. This is in line with the last years (slightly ascending).

And those leaving? (Comments for Alex)
- The only Legionary ordained in the 1940's was the Founder. He is dead. So no other priest remains from the 40's.
- There were also very few ordinations in the 50's and 60's (the Legion had just 64 priests by 1970), so it is really hard to get tendencies out of those numbers.
- It is very important to distinguish between novices, religous and priests.
- It is not about numbers. So please pray for all the priests.

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