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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


dim bulb

There is such an incestuous, orgiastic relationship between the Deathocrat party and the abortion industry that I can see this only as so much cheap posturing directed at deluding a certain Notre Dame-esque crowd that needs no deluding. You know, the type of people who think-or rather pretend-that Obama's Catholic shiv, Doug Kmiec, is the Spirit's sword. "Let us pimp this nominee as "iffy" on the subject of abortion so we can make our anti-Born Alive Infant Protection Act/100%NARAL rated President as open-minded on the aobrtion issue as he likes to pretend he is."


Is there a litmus test at play here?


Wait a minute. When Dubya was appointing Supremes, the secular left was intoning that there shouldn't be a litmus test on abortion. I can't imagine what has happened for them to forget their sincerely-held principles.


I'm sure the supporters of killing unborn children have nothing to worry about.

Jack G.

It's about time the Democrats have to suffer a judge who surprises them by "growing" in office.. towards the anti-Roe position.

Chas Morgan

How is it relevant what her personal views are regarding when life begins? That wasn't the issue in Roe v Wade, was it? It was not a question of when life begins, but if one should interpret the constitution strictly, or if one is to have empathy with the favored group of the moment (and constitution be damned). Judges who thought it was OK to pull rights out of thin air were the problem. The answer is not to find equal but opposite legislators from the bench, but is rather to select judges who actually apply, not invent, the law.

She is in the empathy camp, not the strict interpretation camp. She can argue that "I'm personally opposed, but this culture demands that women shouldn't be punished for their mistake; who am I to say?" Empathize with the visible supporters of abortion, or with the invisible babies ripped apart in abortuariums? That is a very risky set of dice to roll, since the editorial board of the NY Times, the people at the DC cocktail parties, et al, who influence judges do not include any murdered babies in their ranks. Better a lapsed Methodist who actually interprets the constitution to mean what it clearly does and does not have written in it, than anyone who wants to apply their own philosophies of justice to it.

Obama can find Catholics personally opposed (but legally supportive) almost as well as he attracts people who used to bomb police stations. So far this judge doesn't look like an exception.


It is a risky dice to roll, Chas Morgan, if the Republicans were actually holding any dice in their hands. As it is, they will have the opportunity to ask some questions. Strategically, I think they ought to lead up the hearings talking as if they believe Sotomayor is pro-life. Let the other side sweat, and feel the heat from their pro-abortion constituency. The Dems on the committee will be almost forced to apply the litmus test.
There will be one of two results, either she will support "privacy rights" or not. If she does, it will then be out in the open and we will know which way the wind is blowing on the court. If she does not, then the Dems will be caught between affirming a pro-life justice or severely dissing the Hispanics whose votes everyone claims are at stake in this nomination.
I wouldn't call that a win-win but it is the best that can be hoped for in this scenario, I think.

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