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Tuesday, May 26, 2009



What a great article. Thank you for posting the link, Carl. I have wondered over and over during the election and following how anyone could think that Obama would be a good choice, given his record on abortion. Now I understand -- they are uninformed, willfully ignorant, rationalizing, or simply taken in by his rhetoric. We have a fight on our hands -- a fight to defend the truly reasonable pro-life position from the thicket of doublespeak that paints it as unreasonable and extreme while painting the increasingly extreme and unreasonable pro-abortion position as perfectly just, rational and reasonable (and as the ONLY just and reasonable position). As words become more and more slippery, and as more and more wrong is right and right is wrong, I feel like I've landed in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Anyone else feel that way?

Chris Campbell

L’Osservatore Romano seems to be the tip of the ice berg. While giving a homily in my parish the priest advanced the idea that thinking about overturning Roe v Wade had never produced any results over the years; we must support a group (can't remember the name of the group) dedicated to reducing the number of abortions. This homily was given three weeks prior to the election.
Reducing the number of abortions, even by contraception, will never stop the slaughter of innocent children.


For too long the silence of all but a few bishops on the issues of the culture of death, including stem cell "science" and abortion, has been painfully felt by many politically and culturally active laity. That silence has allowed this disordered culture to accelerate in its decline. The L’Osservatore Romano article is shameful on so many levels as pointed out by Mr. Novak.

But, I am also concerned that while the bishops have now found a voice on the life issues, they remain silent about, or worse in full rapture with, the otherwise hideous socialist agenda of the regime. On issues of taxation, health care, private property rights, and even real charity, the bishops and particularly the USCCB seems to have a strong preference for the statist solution, a preference which will undermine their credibility and strength to oppose abortion, as they confuse charity with compulsion, taking with giving, and true love with envy. Life is a gateway issue to understanding liberty. The bishops cannot have it both ways, accept statism which is anathema to ordered liberty and morality, and oppose the state on abortion.


Barack Obama has a talent, or his speech-writers, for using the language of conservatives or the so-called "moderates" so that those not paying close attention will be lulled into thinking he is some sort of middle-of-the-road guy and they will then not pay attention to what he does or who he appoints.

He got elected with the same strategy, promising tax-cuts for 95% of Americans, when close study shows that only just slightly over 50% actually pay federal income tax, and the 5% that won't get a tax-cut are the ones shouldering 60% of the income tax burden already. But it sounded like Ronald Reagan.

Just today, regarding his pick for the Supremes, he talks about a woman who recognizes that the judge's job is not to make law (paraphrasing), but she is on the record as standing for activism, for making policy in the courtroom. The clue to Barack Obama's real mindset is contained in the idea of "empathy" he said he was looking for and found in Sonia Sotomayor, which simply means that those for whom she holds no empathy can expect no justice from her, regardless of the merits, if the opponent in the case is someone with whom she empathizes.

It seems, as others have pointed out, the L'Osservatore Romano has been listening to the words only.


Well put, Laura. I'm with you all the way.

Dan Deeny

Thank you for this article on corruption in the Catholic Church. The bishops have a lot of work ahead of them. Let us pray for them.
I watched a bit of Fr. Pavone and Fr. McBrien on Fox. Fr. Pavone was like an American soldier explaining what he saw at Dachau, while Fr. McBrien was like someone explaining that yes, that was terrible, but the leader brought inflation under control, built the Autobahn, and reduced unemployment....

Barry Bruss


You nailed it. In 1994, Sam Francis asked what the Religious Right would do if abortion was outlawed: go home a seeming winner leaving the entire Leviathan in place in Washington? While abortion is the most heinous and egregious example, the problems are much broader and will only be solved with the continuing struggle to wrest power from DC, something about which the bishops are completely clueless. I am convinced that if, my some miracle, Obama would proclaim himself pro-life, the institutional church would happily reconcile with him and the Democratic Party, mistakenly thinking the Democrats right on every other issue.


I'm with you Laura. I also feel like the world has gone mad way too fast. Another thing that bothers me is that even the bishops that speak out almost always feel compelled to say what a great person Obama really is but....He is not a great person. I see him as a narcissistic, egotistical, manipulator who knows all too well how to use language to his advantage and divide. He is no unifier, he is one of the biggest dividers I have ever seen in my life. And I had to write a letter to my priest telling him that I do not go to church to listen to big chunks of J.K. Rowlings, Oprah Winfrey, or much less Barack Hussein Obamas' commencement speeches but to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lord, I know what is coming but it still makes me sick. May God have mercy on us all!

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