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Friday, May 29, 2009


Pat Malone

Thanks for posting this. Also, your work through this blog is very helpful and needed. Thanks! This particular post is profound in so many ways. The question of trust in a Church or anything-even oneself- as it relates to the Truth of God's Saving reality is ubiquitous and never ending. It seems to me that at the end of all roads regarding such matters is the obvious brute fact that if Christianity is True then there necessarily must be a Church somewhere in the visible, physical world where the True teachings of Christ are unified and identifiable to a poor soul like me. There is no way around this reality in my mind without healthy doses of question begging and special pleading which only lead to skepticism and a fractured witness. The only relevant distinction that puts and end to all of these shortcomings-ie, the end to question begging and argumentum ad infinitum is what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about itself with regard to proper authority in the Body of Christ, The Church.

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