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Saturday, May 09, 2009


Dan Deeny

Thank you for this link. The Holy Father has given two very important talks so far.
At the Mosque al-Hussein bin Talal he gave a talk that might have come from the Golden Age of Islam: for instance, the phrase "absolutize the finite and eclipse the infinite."
At Mount Nebo The Holy Father encouraged us to make the "daily exodus from sin and slavery towards life and freedom."
If Pope Benedict XVI keeps going this way, peace may yet come to The Holy Land!

Dan Deeny

I should have quoted more from the mosque, as in "...the excesses of the unbridled ego which tend to absolutize the finite and eclipse the infinite."
It's a good description of our American culture.

Dan Deeny

The Washington Times, a good newspaper, reported that Pope Benedict XVI was visiting the Mideast to "mend fences with Jews and Muslims." But if you read his talks at the mosque and on Mt. Nebo, you see that he comments on the need for Christians, Muslims, and Jews to live good lives and to transform the culture.
He criticizes, somewhat indirectly, the tendancy we have to turn life into political maneuvering, as in "mending fences."

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