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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Diane at Te Deum Laudamus

And, today...Norma McCorvey - "Jane Roe" was arrested. How ironic is that???


I saw the video of the 80-year-old priest's arrest today on Fr. Finigan's blog. While the whole Notre Dame situation angers me, I was enraged when I saw it. And as wicked a monster as Obama is, I had to guard against outright hate for Jenkins. He is a Judas priest who should have his faculties stripped from him in as public and humiliating a manner as possible.

Keep your pieces of silver and choke on them, Jenkins - enemy of your brother priests, disobedient son of the Church, enemy of the Prince of Peace.


Why do I think there's more to this story? I'd suggest we wait for the "rest of the story."

Chris Burgwald

His crime? Peacefully protesting while singing "Immaculate Mary."

Just to be contrarian, Carl... I doubt that that is what this blessed priest was arrested for... more likely it was for trespassing.


So what's going to be the result of all this? Nothing. Notre Dame has openly defied the US bishops and, despite the fact that some prelates spoke out against Notre Dame conferring an honorary degree on the President, Notre Dame will face no consequences. The bishop's failure to hold Notre Dame accountable will be taken by other so-called "Catholic" colleges and universities as tacit permission to do the same thing, making present and future directives from the bishops meaningless and irrelevant (like anybody follows what they say now). Obamacatholics will continue their bold-faced defiance of Church teaching. Par for the course in the American Catholic Church.

Carl E. Olson

Chris, I see your contrarianism and raise you three notches of contrarianism. I should have noted that the 80-year-old priest was arrested for trespassing at Notre Dame, a Catholic school named after the Mother of God, while peacefully protesting and singing "Immaculate Mary." ;-)


It seemed clear that he was trespassing. But isn't it strange that a Catholic priest, peacefully, prayerfully protesting the "killing of a baby" can get arrested for trespassing on Catholic ground?
I think Fr wanted to be arrested for the cause, but it is awfully sad that the police did it!
And was it necessary to cuff his hands behind his back like that? He was too frail to be cuffed that way. (He was also somewhat incoherent.)
If the video's intention was to make us cry over man's cruelty, it succeeded.

Don Anthony

The priest was NOT "protesting". He was petitioning Heaven through praying of the Holy Rosary. I wish people would understand this well because when campus security confronted him and the others in his group they were praying and then charged with trespassing and forced to leave the Notre Dame campus where the culture of death leader, Obama, was welcomed and showered with awards and applause by NDU.

It would have been nice to have seen some of the members of the security team side with the pro-life movement on this issue and refuse to take part in the arrests just as it would have been nice for the Gestapo to refuse to arrest and punish Catholics just for being Catholics and Jews just for being Jews. Of course, at the Nuremberg trials, the Nazis claimed they were just "doing their job", and "doing as they were told."

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