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Saturday, May 30, 2009



It just would be nice if the pope would take some positive action to defend himself once in a while instead of taking it all on the chin. The last pope who dared to discipline any wayward or confusion-spreading priest or order was JP II in 1981 when he appointed Dezza to take over the Jesuits. It seems that since then the Holy See only gets fired upon.


I agree with Jack! I am not apologizing for everything the Bush administration did, but it is clear that in trying to stay "above the fray" and not respond to the truly vitriolic and hate-filled ravings of the far-left blogs and the slightly-less-far-left mainsteam media, George W. Bush did the country and his legacy a real disservice. No matter how far out some of the criticisms of a public figure are, if they are allowed to fester and be amplified by a very biased (in the Pope's case, anti-Catholic) media, they will eventually become the story-line of record. It is not un-Christian to defend oneself, especially through reasoned argument and words.


There were times when Our Lord Jesus Christ defended himself against the false accusations that were being thrown against him indiscriminately ("If I have spoken untruthfully, then tell me what I have said; if not, why do you strike me?"). But there were other times when he remained silent and allowed himself to be taken "as a lamb to its slaughter" -- notably during his Passion. Perhaps the time for the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, to defend himself is over and we have entered into the second phase. I think that our Holy Father knows very well what he is doing.

Dr John James

I recall when he was elected thinking to myself ( and voicing it out loud to some friends ) that this is one tough job for a 78 year old man. But the Holy Spirit knows better.
I love the phrase Saint Catherine of Sienna used to use in relation to the Pope, " Il dolce Christo in Terra ' and St Catherine had alot of difficulties with clerics!

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