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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Deacon Harold

I had the great honor and pleasure of having lunch with Mr. Read this afternoon. I was very impressed with his humility
and faithfulness. I would strongly encourage everyone to see him if you can while he's on tour in the U.S.

M. Swaim

Also, Read will be a guest on our Son Rise Morning Show on EWTN this Friday at about 7:15AM Eastern.

Scott R

Attended Mr. Read's appearance in Vancouver last night. He read a few excerpts from his new book, and took a few questions from the audience, including one from my eight year old daughter. He was very gracious during the signing, and chatted with my three children (of six) I brought with me, encouraging my daughter Julia, who expressed interest in becoming an author, to start journaling. (She was recently selected from her second grade class to attend a "young authors conference"-- she's very excited to have met such a famous author, and was eager to tell her class). She also told him she had just received her First Eucharist and he seemed very pleased with the news. A very nice man, indeed.

David Murdoch

I read an interview of Mr. Read and I was impressed by the degree to which he understood some of the problems facing the present church.

God Bless,

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