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Thursday, May 28, 2009



He must complete other requirements before serving as an Episcopal priest.

They have requirements?

Any word if he's going to be selling Zrii nutritional beverage?


The Rev. Alberto Cutie (KOO'-tee-ay)

I realize this is no laughing matter but I still like the English pronunciation better, all things considered.

Art Varga

Anglicans , High Church Anglicans are catholic , just as the Eastern orthdox are catholic. Given the state of the Episcopal Church it might seem hard to understand that there still is a vestage of the Faith Catholic in the ECUSA. With the comming Sainthood of John Henry Newman you may see an Anglican Rite in the Western Church announced. 30% or 40% of the Anglican Communion is ready to swim the Tiber. This will include married priests and married Bishops.
The shame of Father Cutie is that he has aligned himself with the Liberal / Apostate wing of the Episcopal Church. If Father Cutie truly understood the faith that he defended in the media he would have joined one of the Orthdox Anglican communities that have left the ECUSA.
My wife and I were married in the Episcopal (High Church) faith catholic, our son was Baptized and Confirmed in the Episcopal Church .
Our son graduated from a Jesuit High School. We are Catholic , just not Roman Catholic ( just yet ! ). Saint John Henry Newman wrote a number of works defending the catholic nature of the Anglican Church. Not all Anglicans are catholic, but the spark has been there for almost 500 years. Come to think of it, I know a few Jesuits and a couple of Roman Bishops who can't prove they are catholic. Please pray for an Anglican Rite and I will pray that Father Cutie discovers that some of his new liberal friends in the Episcopal Church USA are less then christian towards orthdox, catholic thinkers.


Does this mean that Alberto Cutie has, after long study, arrived at the conclusion that the Catholic Church is not the Church founded by Christ? If that is so the only honest thing to do is to leave the Church but if he believes that the Catholic Church is the one founded by Christ and he is leaving for pelvic reasons he is putting his soul at risk.

I wonder how many Hispanic Americans will become Episcopalians?

Ed Peters

1983 CIC 1364.


Sorry Art, but John Henry Newman has not yet been beatified, let alone canonized -- though his beatification is expected soon. You and I may both believe it is inevitable, but it has not yet occurred. And the lack of Apostolic Succession, which has been ruled upon by a greater authority than John Henry Newman, puts the Anglicans at a severe sacramental disadvantage with regards to both the Orthodox and all of the Catholic rites.

It would be wonderful to see the Anglican Communion reconciled with the Catholic Church, but I think the odds of seeing this on a large scale are no better than those of the House of Windsor producing a new Edward the Confessor.


What I don't understand is why Cutie did not ask to be "laicized" and excused from his vows so that he could marry the woman. However regrettable that decision might be, I can't imagine that the request would be refused. After all, this is not the first time something like this has happened.


I would expect that "Fr." Cutie liked the respect and authority that came with the position of priest and he was not anxious to give up the gig. Considering some of the fine men we are getting from ECUSA as that community slips more and more into loonyville I would say its a fair trade.
I personally would love to see Anglo-Catholic groups who have acknowledged the truth of Catholic teachings allowed to re-unite with the Church as a group. Once the SSPX situation is regularized I hope the Holy Father will see fit to expend an equal amount of effort on that area. Certainly the Anglican rite pastoral provision gives a road map for successfully carrying out such reunification.

Carl E. Olson

Here is what Dr. Peters is referring to, just in case anyone wanted to read it.

HowardR: Great question. I'd hazard a guess that Fr. Cutie's issues run much deeper than just wanting to have a lady friend/be married/carry on.

Art: With all due respect, your comments don't make much sense. To be Catholic (that is, with a capital "C") means being in full communion with the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church. The term "Roman Catholic" is misleading, as there are some 22 Eastern Catholic Churches; I've attended one for years, and it is fully Catholic, but it is not "Roman" (it is Ukrainian). Yes, some Episcopalians agree with the Catholic Church on a number of issues, many of them very significant. That doesn't mean they are Catholic; it means they are Episcopalians who agree with the Catholic Church on a number of issues but are not in full communion with her. I would add, however, that I am, on the whole, a supporter of an Anglican Rite.


Another shepherd who has lost his way-another one for the prayer list.

Art Varga

Well Fr. Cutie was paraded out and gave his first sermon as an Episcopal convert. What Catholic University gave him a degree ? He spouted pap. His hidden life was uncovered so he jumps ship and talkes about forgiveness being the reason for religion.
I didn't see any report that Cutie ever asked for forgiveness from Rome or even the Episcopal Bishop who showed him off as the catch of the day. The man will fit in with the Liberal wing of the Episcopal Church and be a Bishop within 10 years.

Catholic Jerks from another planet!

Fr. Cutie will have his share of problems. It was not a good choice. It all happened too fast. He should not be at the Episcopal altar already. All happened too soon! This guy doesn't know if he is comming or going. Just listen to what he has to say. This drama is just a nice stimulus for all of us to reflect and voice our opinions of what we beleive and don't beleive regarding the Catholic Church. The Episcopals should have screened Cutie more. Is he really following the Episcopal church for what it beleives or was it just a "Safe port" in a storm because the alternative was day to day work like most of us do. I mean, why Episcopal? Why not Orthodox, other protestant churches, or what have you? Episcopalians got duped. This guy is no win.

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