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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Gail F

I don't understand why celebacy is supposed to be so "impossible." Non-celebacy takes two, right? I know lots of single people who are not dating -- Unless they have a sexual partner imprisoned in a basement somewhere, they are not finding it impossible to go without. Now, some of those people have been married, and some are hoping to marry someday. But if what they are doing right now is possible, why is it so unimaginable for some of us to believe that someone could keep right on doing it? I just don't get it.

David K. Monroe

The concept of the nobility of voluntary celibacy must be destroyed because it is a constant reminder that most people engage in sexual behavior by choice and not because of unconquerable compulsion. This fact is a offense to people across the spectrum of sexual behavior.

If it were not for the presumption of animal compulsion to engage in sexual behavior, many people would have little or no excuse for their behavior, and they know it. Therefore, they have to insist that they are naturally incapable of mastering their own bodies.

It's truly astonishing how the concept of human freedom has become so disparaged in the last century.


The most difficult and frustrating about this articulation between those who take the 'animal view' and those who take the 'animating view' [I actually prefer describing this other one as 'self-offering view'] is that those who take the 'self-offering view' fully understand all the factors affecting the 'animal view' persons; whereas those who take the 'animal view' - in their arrogant and rebellious make up - will never be able to comprehend the profound human make-up of those who have made the vow of 'self-offering'.

Why, because the former - the 'animal view' proponents have made up their minds [do they have any?] to be...well, animals!

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