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Saturday, May 23, 2009



More proof that Humanae Vitae was accurate and prophetic. It would be nice if people like Noonan could finally acknowledge that.


Contraception necessarily leads to abortion: it turns sex into a purely recreational activity. If a pregnancy results, the man feels no responsibility. He didn't sign up for fatherhood, he was just in it for some fun. The pregnancy is her "problem." She also was just looking for fun, but now has a terrifying choice to make. And without his support, and usually without any other social support, the child becomes the enemy about to destroy her life. And with Moloch's soothing promises, the choice becomes clear...

Gail F

The first time I ever heard about the "contraceptive mentality" was from the couple leading a Natural Family Planning class. They seemed a little embarrassed to explain it, and I thought it was an absurd idea. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense... I don't think this is a concept that seems true or sensible to many people today, because they accept contraception as normal without really thinking about it. Just like the flap over what the Pope said about condoms and AIDS -- many people just thought it was nonsense, although it is of course true. To get people to overcome these biases they don't know they have is one of the real challenges of the Pro-Life movement.

Jane M

I would add that one way to make the connection between contraception and abortion even clearer is to point out bluntly that abortion IS backup contraception. Since contraception is trying to thwart nature it inevitably fails, but abortion fails only seldom. (This is of course the reason why you can't save the child who might be born.) Remember that when the statistics on contraceptive failure are believed to be about individual women - 98% looks like good odds. When you realize that failure is about each particular act 98% is actually a promise of pregnancy given enough time. Hence the "need" for abortion.

Robert Miller

The real problem pro-life advocates face is that so many people (especially 40s-60s) have become implicated in the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s/1970s. Abortion, even when genuinely deplored, is understood as a kind of back-up guarantee of the "gains" achieved by the revolution. The "contraceptive mentality" is one and the same as the "sexual revolution". And the "sexual revolution" is one and the same as the "culture of death/greed" that is engulfing the West under visible signs of schism in the Catholic Church in the US, economic catastrophe, endemic disease, demographic suicide, Islamic resurgence and the BO presidency.

If we are to advance the pro-life cause we really need to get serious about addressing the root of the evil we are fighting.


I'm still waiting for Kmiec to defend Obama on this one.

T. Shaw

In other news: The Sun rose in the east this morning; along with two nucular detonations. Who knew? Hope AND change.

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