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Saturday, May 30, 2009



So Sonia would not fit in with Scalia, huh? Well, for his part, Scalia has always had the reputation of being good friends with his colleagues. Indeed, he has said that his best friend on the Court is his ideological opposite --

"I consider myself a good friend of every one of my colleagues, both past and present. Some more than others. My best friend on the Court is and has been for many years, Ruth Ginsburg. Her basic approach is not mine, but she’s a lovely person and a good loyal friend."

Sorry to hear that Sonia (or her Jesuit friend) are as magnanimous.


I found the immediate proximity of these two paragraphs from the Times piece a helpful exercise in Post V2 cause-and-effect mathematics:

“We were allowed and encouraged to ask a lot of questions,” said Ms. Morris, who is now the girls athletic director at Spellman High. “We were asking, what’s wrong with the other religions, and why do you say everybody else is going to Hell?”

At Princeton, where Judge Sotomayor belonged to a Puerto Rican student group, a group of Latino students attended Mass every week, but she was not among them, a former classmate recalled."

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