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Monday, May 11, 2009



Cutie has scandalised thousands of people who looked up to him. He broke his promise, as you said, freely made. He placed himself in a proximate occasion of sin which became an occasion of sin. If I have a passion for cream cakes and constantly go to cake shops sooner or later I am going to buy a cream cake. Cutie could have cut all contact with this woman, a divorced mother, and she could have cut contact with him but they didn't. If she hasn't had children by him were they using NFP or artificial contraception? Did he celebrate Holy Mass in the state of mortal sin? Did she receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin? He said that hindsight is 20/20 but why stay at the beach when he heard the lifesaver speak his name on the mobile phone, why go to a bar when he knew he was being followed? Did he think that nothing he did would attract opprobrium because he was Fr Celibrity? Fr Hypocrite more like it.


sad to hear about fr. alberto. he seems very well liked and respected, especially by youth. did ewtn remove his show from its spanish language network?


Welcome to the Jungle sums it up very well.


I remember some years ago MTV broadcast a music video with the lyrics "you and me baby aint nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel!"

I have been challenged many a time on this subject with my detractors using the "doin what comes naturally" canard and they ALLWAYS bring up the fact of chimpanzees being, well, hyperpromiscuous.

I readily acknowledge this but counter with the observation that chimpanzees also commit rape, murder, and cannibalism! Ask Dr. Jane Goodall who discovered to her dismay that not only do chimps kill other chimps infants and eat then, they also engage in wars with other bands and practice banishment.

Yeh... lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!

Mark Pilon


From GKC's What's Wrong With the World:

"The principle is this: that in everything worth having, even in every pleasure, there is a point of pain or tedium that must be survived, so that the pleasure may revive and endure. The joy of battle comes after the first fear of death; the joy of reading Virgil comes after the bore of learning him; the glow of the sea-bather comes after the icy shock of the sea bath; and the success of the marriage comes after the failure of the honeymoon. All human vows, laws, and contracts are so many ways of surviving with success this breaking point, this instant of potential surrender.
In everything on this earth that is worth doing, there is a stage when no one would do it, except for necessity or honor. It is then that the Institution upholds a man and helps him on to the firmer ground ahead. Whether this solid fact of human nature is sufficient to justify the sublime dedication of Christian marriage is quite another matter, it is amply sufficient to justify the general human feeling of marriage as a fixed thing, dissolution of which is a fault or, at least, an ignominy. The essential element is not so much duration as security. Two people must be tied together in order to do themselves justice; for twenty minutes at a dance, or for twenty years in a marriage In both cases the point is, that if a man is bored in the first five minutes he must go on and force himself to be happy. Coercion is a kind of encouragement; and anarchy (or what some call liberty) is essentially oppressive, because it is essentially discouraging. If we all floated in the air like bubbles, free to drift anywhere at any instant, the practical result would be that no one would have the courage to begin a conversation. It would be so embarrassing to start a sentence in a friendly whisper, and then have to shout the last half of it because the other party was floating away into the free and formless ether. The two must hold each other to do justice to each other. If Americans can be divorced for "incompatibility of temper" I cannot conceive why they are not all divorced. I have known many happy marriages, but never a compatible one. The whole aim of marriage is to fight through and survive the instant when incompatibility becomes unquestionable. For a man and a woman, as such, are incompatible."

Even better is the great passage from Orthodoxy:

"I could never conceive or tolerate any Utopia
which did not leave to me the liberty for which I chiefly care,
the liberty to bind myself. Complete anarchy would not merely
make it impossible to have any discipline or fidelity; it would
also make it impossible to have any fun. To take an obvious instance,
it would not be worth while to bet if a bet were not binding.
The dissolution of all contracts would not only ruin morality
but spoil sport. Now betting and such sports are only the stunted
and twisted shapes of the original instinct of man for adventure
and romance, of which much has been said in these pages.
And the perils, rewards, punishments, and fulfilments of an adventure
must be real, or the adventure is only a shifting and heartless nightmare.
If I bet I must be made to pay, or there is no poetry in betting.
If I challenge I must be made to fight, or there is no poetry in challenging.
If I vow to be faithful I must be cursed when I am unfaithful,
or there is no fun in vowing. You could not even make a fairy tale
from the experiences of a man who, when he was swallowed by a whale,
might find himself at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or when he was
turned into a frog might begin to behave like a flamingo.
For the purpose even of the wildest romance results must be real;
results must be irrevocable. Christian marriage is the great example
of a real and irrevocable result; and that is why it is the chief subject
and centre of all our romantic writing. And this is my last instance
of the things that I should ask, and ask imperatively,
of any social paradise; I should ask to be kept to my bargain,
to have my oaths and engagements taken seriously; I should ask Utopia
to avenge my honour on myself.

All my modern Utopian friends look at each other rather doubtfully,
for their ultimate hope is the dissolution of all special ties.
But again I seem to hear, like a kind of echo, an answer
from beyond the world. 'You will have real obligations,
and therefore real adventures when you get to my Utopia.
But the hardest obligation and the steepest adventure is to get there.'"


This priest is a cad. Lying for TWO years? Cheating on the Church and his parishoners and viewers? Who cares about his desires? Plenty and I mean plenty of people go without... a priest has to go looking for it big time. The fact people would excuse it speaks volumes about what constitutes the American Catholic mind. Oh, I forgot... we elected Obama.

Dan Fitzpatrick

This idiocy is going to bring our culture to its sha-na-na-na-na-na knees, knees...

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