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Thursday, May 14, 2009



My psychic duress contemplating the impending Obama adulation at Notre Dame is considerable. The rosary brings comfort.

What happens next? No matter what the bishops decide it is too little, too late. Will Notre Dame be abandoned by the faithful? I certainly would not support it--this wound is too fatal in my opinion. Will Wyoming Catholic College rise up to be the new Notre Dame? May sound absurd, but God's ways are not our own.

What will become of the Faith in America? That the Eucharist is given to those who so publicly uphold the culture of death is scandalous almost beyond belief. That some Catholics (ie: Sibelius) champion the tearing apart of infants in the womb, advance this agenda, leaves me stunned.

4:00 am musings as we approach this fateful weekend.....


“A passionate tumultuous age will overthrow everything, pull everything down,” wrote Soren Kierkegaard, “but a revolutionary age that is at the same time reflective and passionless leaves everything standing but cunningly empties it of significance.”

A much more difficult enemy to stand against.

Deacon Harold

Here's the text from the honorary degree the president will receive at Notre Dame:

Mary Ellen

Many Catholics believe it is okay to make up their own rules about being Catholic. This includes intellectual/liberal Catholics, as well as old time democrat Catholics. While this may sound extreme, I believe the Bishops and the Pope must find a way to bring discipline and enforcement to the core rules of our faith. Murder is not only a mortal sin, it is a particularly heinous crime because of its perpetration on innocents and its effect of long-lasting, ominous emotional suffering and spiritual decay implanted on the parents of those who abort. This modern day mega-crime needs to draw an equal level of punishment (such as excommunication), which could clarify the level of darkness of the sin. I saw in this morning's news that in Russia the police broke up a gay rights demonstration, because they believe homosexuality "is morally wrong and dangerous to the country." Not to endorse Soviet police tactics, but it is amazing to hear public official speak a controversial truth publicly, which if spoken in this country would bring great peril, and soon possibly jail time. Recently I read a review of Father Jenkins "spiritual" process leading to his decision to invite Obama to speak at commencement. This process included prayer and contemplation, which I find utterly chilling, because it brings to my mind how hard I must work to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit in my prayer; how cunning is the devil. And, yes, how terribly cunning is our President. We are living in a time of great peril, where sexual addiction is endorsed by public policy, and those who support morality and the continuation of Western Civilization are reviled and persecuted. And, wierdly, I might add, we are living in the dark or shadow side of "freedom" and human "rights."

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