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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


M. L. Hearing

I had an atheist room mate in college. He was angry and serious and pretty unexciting. But he didn't seem to have the flaws and destructive habits I did. He reminded me a lot of the chaste and deadly virtuous lietenant in Greene's The Power and the Glory.

M. L. Hearing

NW Clerk

You should send this to Jacoby!!! Great!!

Gail F

Believe it or not, I actually returned to the church in part because I heard Bishop Spong on the radio. I read a bunch of his books -- mysteriously (or not), not the ones I actually tried to read, but by a series of "coincidences" some different books. The first one I read was called "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism," and it completely changed my view of the Bible. I had thought that what I assumed was the Fundamentalist understanding of the Bible was the only way to understand it. That book opened my eyes to what the Bible really is. And another one, "Liberating the Gospels," is still one that I like -- its argument is that the synoptic Gospels are in the order they are because they were written to be read along with the Jewish scriptures. Someone else came up with it, he was just doing a "popular" version. And it showed me that there COULD be different reasons for putting things in the order they are. Anyway... and then "Why Christianity Must Change or Die" came out, I read it -- and realized he had long ago jumped off the deep end. So I owe him a great debt but geez!!!!!! He's nuts.

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