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Saturday, May 09, 2009



Abundantly clear address, mincing no words.

While reading it, I couldn't help wonder who was there.


LJ, it is my understanding that for the first time in many years, the White House was not represented.

Archbishop Burke's address is magnificent. It gets better each time I read it.

Charlie B

Another incisive address by a strong Roman Catholic cleric. I particularly appreciate his emphasis on the power of prayer. However, we cannot expect a turnaround if we do not take ACTION (not write more documents or just rehash doctrine). We intersect with the domestic church a several significant intervals: engagement/marriage ~ birth/baptism ~ sacramental preparation for reconciliation, eucharist and confirmation. How many contact hours of effective evangelization, conversion and catechesis does a typical adult Catholic receive? Not counting liturgy, at a minimum I figure a range of 40 - 50 hours, and that over a 30 - 35 year period from his/her graduation from high school to their first child's confirmation in adolescence. But effective?
We pray frequently for an increase in celibate vocations, but how often do our Sunday intercessions include the engaged (and their vocation) or for the perserverence of the vocation of marriage?
Covey & Jones have written: Every organization is perfectly aligned to get the results it is getting. I appreciate Burke, Chaput and others exhortations about our complacent Catholics. But until we have a spiritual and catechetical revolution, we will continue to have overworked tribunals, no marriage & family renewal or staff in parishes, lukewarm parents, and few celibate OR conjugal vocations.
The Bishops have the opportunity to lead, but for the last 40 years they've written documents. We've been doing mostly the same things in parishes for nearly that long, hoping for a different outcome. 12-step people call that insanity. Doesn't the crisis in marriage & family life in our own communion deserve half the energy that's been spent on the institutional response to the recent clergy sex abuse crisis?

barbara mangano

I think the priests involved with the Notre Dame scandal should be severely reprimanded. They are not fit to shepherd the Catholics that are true Catholics.

marie muldoon

I come from the most corrupted diocese in the whole country which also has the most Catholic church closings in the whole world. Our Bishop and diocese has made many errors and sins and yet the Vatican has dismissed us as disggruntled Catholics who are mourning for the loss of our churches. Many scandals from our diocese have been very public and has made national news and should be enough for the Vatican. Our church closings have been very public and in the local secular news media. However, our bishop galante has failed to give candid interview and address the Notre Dame Scandals...
Also, it is said that we even had a priest from our diocese who gave $300 to the Obama campaign. It is also said that while we were in DC for Pro-life that our priests and bishop held house of charity luncheon where they discussed money and church closures. The day after the March for life in DC, the Catholic newspaper showed a full page length of President Obama on the front page. That is just some of the sins and errors from the Camden diocese , NJ . Also, people are being persecuted too. While Catholics at Notre Dame were protesting,it is said that in our pastors homily, he stated that he didn't like protesters. I was advised by several parishioners to not let him see my sign which was Abortion and the Catholic Church closings are sins against God. along with piture of Our Blessed Mother. I can't even be Catholic in my own parish. At my last parish, the pastor screamed and cussed at me and used the f word and referred to me as baby when i protest the parish closing. This is not the Catholic Church

marie muldoon

The Vatican needs to investigate Our bishop and cardinals too.
There has been many public sins and errors in the Camden Diocese, NJ which has all been very public. One example is that one of the priests gave $300 to Obama's campaign. The Follieri scandal should be enough for the vatican to suspend all Catholic Church closings. There are many things which have been going on which go against God and the true teachings of the Roman Catholic church. Many innocent people and priests are being persecuted too. While closing down most of our Catholic churches, the diocese bought $800,000 mansion for nuns instead of using properties that will soon close. Where was the Camden diocese on January 22, 2009 during March for Life in DC? Instead, there was a full front page picture of Obama on the cover of the Catholic newspaper.

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