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Thursday, May 21, 2009



you're the best .


Though both finalists were exquisitely banal, I suspect that Kris won precisely because he's the more banal of the two, not in spite of it. Banality is at a premium today, and it appears that the South is now particularly enamored of it. This reminds me of a thought I came across a while back to the effect that we should now focus not so much on the banality of evil, but on the evil of banality.

And also this from Anthony Daniels (aka Theodore Dalrymple):

"The cult of celebrity is not, then, a consequence of an absence of judgment, but rather of a very clear judgment: that no man is better than I, that I am no good, that therefore the bad is good and the good bad, though the banal is best."


"The film Amadeus may be interpreted as an attempt to render Mozart unthreatening to the average man’s amour propre by portraying him as a scatological halfwit with an unaccountable, idiot savant ability to take dictation from God. This frees us from the uncomfortable feeling that Bertrand Russell, not himself a complete underachiever, had whenever he heard Mozart, namely that of being a worm; in other words, this frees us from humility, that most outdated of virtues except for fortitude."

From this essay:


And your sister's musical talents are infinitely superior to those of anyone ever on AI. Consequently she'd never stand a chance of winning on that show.


What?? Amy Seeley is your sister?? I'm totally into her (music, that is!) She's awesome!!


I guess if you live in Oregon, its tough to find a group of people to feel superior to so the South is an easy target...its okay, we're used to it. Just sittin' down here in our barefeet hopin' that everyone in the far-superior north chooses to remain there. Thank y'all.

Carl E. Olson

Therese: Did I, in my post, say anything negative or insulting about the South? Did I speak arrogantly or thumb my nose at the South or Southerners? No, I did not. So why are you being so snippy and thin-skinned?


oh deaaar, Carl, I guess my tongue-in-cheek came across as snippy & thin-skinned. Sorry.

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