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Wednesday, May 27, 2009



He missed out on the Supreme Court nomination and now also the ambassador's position.

I guess Doug Kmiec is finding out that 30 pieces of silver doesn't buy a whole lot.

Dan Deeny

St. John's University also has a graduate working for the Obama Administration. Denis McDonough is a high National Security advisor with a speciality in Latin American affairs. I tried in an email to learn his ideas on the new Mexico City Policy, but he didn't respond. You might also be interested to know that St. John's recently gave its Eugene McCarthy Award to Julian Bond, a strong supporter of a woman's right to choose. Even more interesting is the fact that Fr. Paul Marx O.S.B., the founder of Human Life International, is a monk from St. John's Abbey.
Pres. Obama is good at using a Catholic's desire for a successful career.
Let us pray for Catholics in America.

Dave Mueller

Yes, St. John's University has only the most tenuous connection to the Catholic faith. I get their fundraising appeals since I live nearby, and they go straight into the circular file.

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