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Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Rotterdam, huh? The root words being "Rot" and "Damn"?

Gail F

That is just plain scary. Nederland (which a Dutch person told me is now the country's official name) was once one of the world powers.


At least Rotterdam is getting religion...

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

I believe the name Eurabia is a mistaken 'nick-name' for Europe and I truly believe we are suffering from myopia by doing so.
Since the 19th cent. Marxists have been working, diligently, to convert Europe into socialism, communism etc. What I've seen in Europe recently is a transformation of the racial and religious fabric of its citizens to create the chaos Marxism has planned for them.
Foreigners have been invited into Europe for years.
The identity of all countries in the old continent has been changing rapidly, to further plans of self destruction. Why would Sweden invite muslims, help them economically, pay for their vacations in the Middle-East, allow them to protest seeing the swedish flag displayed etc ? What country would want this ? For their love of Islam? It's for the love of Communism , which teaches the destrucition of all democratic Institutions etc.
We are witnessing the self destruction of Europe.

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