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Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Carl, I am glad you mentioned the "forgotten holocaust." I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me for wondering why it is so utterly forgotten. According to the Wiesenthal website, 5 million non-Jews (mostly Catholic Poles) died in the same manner as the Jews. The truth of the matter is no one has any idea what the actual number is; no one has ever bothered to try to count because no one cares. Someone should ask these journalists how many people died in the holocaust and when the reply comes back "6 million" accuse them of holocaust denial.

On another website a commentator noted something that I had forgotten: the Nazis killed one of the Pope's first cousins, who had Downs syndrome. The press is oh so interested in the Pope's personal involvement as an adolescent with what was going on in Germany during the war yet, somehow, never mentions this striking detail.


I am happy I wasn't the first to point out the "forgotten holocaust" as well. The figure I learned in college was 10-12 million died in the holocaust. When I visited Yad Vashem this last october I was saddened/dissapointed to see that the only number ever mentioned was 6 million killed.

The Pope obviously knows the real numbers, so his saying 'millions' instead of '6 million' or '10-12 million' seems like a much safer approach.

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