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Tuesday, April 21, 2009



The whole con reminds me of Donizetti's L'Elisir d'Amore. They're like old-time snake-oil salesmen. They trade on ignorance.


The best way to dispel ignorance is with information like this artcle Why not make it available on Facebook and all the sites and veues where young people gather? Perhaps it is worth an advertisement in every cinema showing the film like
The picture Angels and Demons is made up if you want to know the facts go to www.


A good case for mediocrity can be made against Dan Brown, who is a writer of popular thrillers. However, Carl, you really damage your argument by insulting Ron Howard:

"The two men are essentially twins, possessing mediocre and modest talents ..."

Howard has actually won an Academy Award, and I think his work directing a few movies like Apollo 13, was excellent. Among his peers, Howard is definitely a step up from where Brown stands among his peers. But calling someone "mediocre" for doing something you disagree with--it doesn't present the Catholic argument against Dan Brown as well as it could.

Ed Peters

"Howard has actually won an Academy Award."

I've enjoyed a number of RH films, but that he's a recent AA winner is perhaps the weakest argument one can offer for being a film talent these days.

Gail F

Todd's right, Ron Howard isn't mediocre. "Apollo 13" is a fantastic movie (also,like htis one, starring Tom Hanks).

That said, I have a far different opinion of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks after their making these two films. I used to respect their work. And while I still respect their past work, I have a much lower opinion of them as people after choosing to make and star in crap like this.

Dan Brown, I expect. But them?

I don't know what religion Ron Howard belongs to, if any. But Tom Hanks's wife is Greek Orthodox. How would she like it if he starred in a movie saying that the Greek Orthodox church had massacred the world's most brilliant people and has spent the centuries since then trying to destroy whoever is left of them? TWICE???


"Howard has actually won an Academy Award..."

And Yasser Arafat has won a Nobel Prize. And Mustapha Mond (aka Obama) was elected president. Such is the Brave New World. It awards both brutality and militant mediocrity.

Scott W.

"Howard has actually won an Academy Award..."

And soccer players try to draw a yellow card by falling on the ground, holding their knee and wailing like some kind of lawn fairy. It doesn't have anything to do with whether he was actually fouled or not.

David Murdoch

I feel that, unfortunately, this kind of response from us catholics is probably going to lead to much greater marketing publicity for Dan Brown and these movies. The more people attack him, the more people are going to want to see the movie.

The catholic church is often trashed in the arts and especially in hollywood. The depictions of the church on screen are often of some dark, forboding, evil institution with stereotypical characters. We need to start making movies ourselves that show the real story about the story, which I think would be a far more interesting piece of film than the regurgitated stereotypical plots being made up by Mr. Brown et al.

Carl E. Olson

I feel that, unfortunately, this kind of response from us catholics is probably going to lead to much greater marketing publicity for Dan Brown and these movies. The more people attack him, the more people are going to want to see the movie.

I don't buy it, David; I really think that is a small possibility. And, besides, it can too easily become an excuse to not respond. Frankly, I'd rather respond and let the chips fall where they may rather than to simply be quiet and let opportunist jerks like Howard and Brown get away with their cash-cow bigotry without any criticism.

Ed Peters

I think you're right, Carl. "Controversy", whatever that means in a day wherein we simply lurch from controversy to controversy, doesn't drive people's entertainment dollar that way it might have. That "controversy" drives sales is fast becoming what the sociologists would call a "mythic fact", an assertion arguably true at one point, but being repeated by habit now, irrespective of whether it's still true.


And don't get me started on how bad the physics in the book is ... On the whole, A&D was the biggest waste of reading time I've experienced in years -- even more than TDVC.

Joshua Hoagland

I guess The Catholic League got under Mr. Howard's skin. Poor Opie, Mr. Donahue is being unfair! I'm glad the League goes after people that trash the Catholic Faith. If more of us did that we could make a bigger difference. I know people like to say that "bad press is good press" and if "The Passion of the Christ" was left alone it would have failed at the box office. Doubt it. People see a film because they want to see a film, bad publicity or not.

What the Catholic League and Insight Scoops does is makes the audience -- at least the ones who read -- aware of what is going on in film, books, organizations, and individuals who are against the one true faith. Carl Olsen showed that in his Da Vinci Hoax that people will believe just about anything they read or see no matter how false it is.
I will continue to say rosaries for both Ron Howard and Dan Brown and the whole industry that they will see the Truth.

Ed Peters

"People see a film because they want to see a film..." ...right, and they dont go if they don't want to, as Louis B Mayer once said (I quote from memory) "If Americans don't want to see a film, no power on earth can stop them from not going!"


I applaud Carl's ongoing efforts to speak the truth about the DVC and A&D book and movie scams. I have my suspicions that A&D is going to sink like a stone--it will get far fewer "curiosity seekers" than the DVC movie.

I think it's interesting that Ron Howard is taking the time to refute the Catholic League on this, and so extensively to boot. It suggests that he understands, on some level, that his reputation for "first-class cinema" was damaged with the aethetic smear job he perpetrated with the DVC movie. A lot of people (still a minority, but nothing to sneeze at) think a lot less of Howard (and Hanks for that matter) and I think he knows it.

Of course he'll take the money..not that he or Dan need anymore of course. But some things are priceless.

Regardless of whether it makes a lot of money (and it probably will even if it's not a blockbuster) his movie will tank because the plot is so inane, and because the curtain has been yanked away from the "wizard."

Sorry, Ronny! Lots of us loved you in Mayberry, and in Happy Days, and we know you're a great director. But you sold out, you hurt a lot of innocent people, and self-rightous explanations aren't going to chang that reality.

Emilio III

Regarding "Even some atheists", unfortunately Tim O'Neill allowed his his domain name to expire, and now advertises Dan Brown's "frightful horseradish".

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